Mark Atterholt

Candidate for Magisterial District Judge

Farrell, Hermitage, Shenango Township

West Middlesex and Wheatland

About Mark


Mark and his wife Roxanne have been married for 22 years. They have raised their three children in the West Middlesex School District and are proud to be members of this close knit, hard working and very supportive western Pennsylvania community. Mark’s three children; Riley, Morgan and Luke have all thrived academically and athletically through the hard work of numerous dedicated teachers and coaches which has produced many great accomplishments for all three in both arenas. Mark too has served all of his children and numerous others as he has coached and managed several youth basketball and baseball teams as well as serving on the West Middlesex Midget Football Board.

Mark is the son of Lois and the late, Bob Atterholt. He is a graduate of Reynolds High School where he, like his children, excelled in the classroom as well as on the field. This combination did afford Mark the opportunity to attend the University of Pennsylvania and complete in Division I intercollegiate athletics. Mark chose to continue his education at Temple University from where he did graduate and earn a Bachelor’s of Business Administration.

Mark and his family have attended New Life Baptist Church, New Wilmington for 18 years and are members. Mark has served his church family as well as he was honored to have served as a deacon.

Work Experience and Certification

Mark has 20 years of Criminal Justice experience and is certified to hold the office. He has been employed within the Intermediate Punishment Office of the Mercer County Courthouse since 1998 as the Pretrial/TASC Supervisor. TASC (Treatment Accountabilities for Safer Communities) is a program available to all levels of the judicial system providing a link for court supervision and treatment. In this role, Mark works directly with all five of the Magisterial District Courts as well as the four Common Pleas Courts in Mercer County. Mark reviews all commitments to the county jail and based upon established criteria, investigates and interviews eligible inmates and schedules bail review hearings before a Common Pleas Judge.

Additionally, Mark supervises Court ordered defendants through the TASC program which offers a means for both Common Pleas Judges and District Judges to maintain a level of supervision over defendant’s conditions without incarcerating them. These bond conditions often include; drug testing, drug & alcohol and/or mental treatment, house arrest and office check-ins. Mark has always been one to seek out opportunities to expand his role within his department which has led to other job responsibilities throughout his career.

He was part of a team that sought out and received grant funding to operate a Day Reporting Program in which he served as the Day Reporting Supervisor during the grant period. Approximately three years ago, Mark was chosen to coordinate a new Domestic Violence Intervention Program. This program targets perpetrators of domestic violence which accepts referrals from multiple sources. Around this same time, he volunteered to be part of the new Veterans Court Program spearheaded by the Honorable John C. Reed, Senior Judge.

Mark is extremely proud to be a part of the Veterans Court Team that honors the service of men and women who have found themselves involved with the criminal justice system. A variety of Court and rehabilitative professionals work together to hold these Veterans accountable to Court obligations while supporting them to address addiction and mental health needs. Mark is a member of the Mercer County Criminal Justice Advisory Board (CJAB). This professional group brings dozens of criminal justice stakeholders and ancillary systems together to take a systemic and policy level perspective towards the broad range of issues facing Mercer County.

Mark has been a certified CRN evaluator (Court Reporting Network) for 19 years. A CRN report is a state mandated assessment tool performed in conjunction with drug and alcohol assessments for all DUI arrests in Pennsylvania. To serve as a Magisterial District Judge in Pennsylvania, one must complete rigorous coursework and pass a certification exam or be a member of the Bar Association. Mark successfully completed the class and passed the examination which fully qualifies him to serve as a Magisterial District Judge in Pennsylvania. Mark did this to demonstrate his desire and ability to serve as your next District Judge.

Mark's Vision

Through my 20 years of experience in the criminal justice system and prior 7 years of working with at-risk youth, I am the best candidate to serve our judicial district. I have seen and worked with all levels of criminal defendants and delinquent youth throughout Mercer County. Furthermore, I understand the issues our communities, families and court systems are facing. I know the many resources available to effectively address the crime, drugs, alcohol, unemployment and truancy issues that can harm communities.

I will use the relationships I have developed with law enforcement, treatment providers, civic leaders and school districts during my career to effectively address these issues. I will welcome and foster new relationships with those that will join me in this task. The District Courts are usually the first, and often the only involvement with the judicial system that most people will ever have. As your next District Judge, I will serve you and the judicial system with fairness, impartiality and independence.

Photo Gallery

Mark and his family celebrating Christmas together

Mark having fun participating in the West Middlesex Homecoming Parade

Mark's mom, Lois, and his son, Luke, enjoying a delicious St. Anthony's fish dinner

Mark's kick off campaign photo

A great steak-fry turnout!

Mark and his family had the great joy of hosting these three young men through Children of the World

Mark and Roxanne on kick-off day

Mark enjoying the West Middlesex Band Soup Fest with Marie and Jen

Mark, Dave, and Ron at the Shenango Valley Business Expo

Mark and new friends at the Garden Way Place Senior Living Carnival!

Mark and Reverend Bruce Richael at the Lincoln Day Dinner

Proud Veterans, Frank Zelinsky and Tom Flynn join Mark at our steak fry

Good luck to Coach Andre Smith as he brings intercollegiate atletics back to PSU Shenango

Mark had the pleasure of watching Mark Benedetto's induction into the Mercer County Hall of Fame


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